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                Welcome to Shenzhen Ming Carpenter Mould Plastic Co., Ltd. official website! Chinese| English| Collection
                24 hours
                Advisory hotline:

                You are now in a position to:Home ?Recruitment Recruitment

                Provincial modelMore than women, more than two years work experience.
                QCMale or female and more than three years work experience, can read the product structure, measuring the number of product testing, familiar with office software operations.
                Molding department employeesMore than male or female, required health, able to work a serious and responsible, dedication, subject to arrangements.
                Designer, 3 DMale or female and more than familiar with mold structure, familiar with UG parting, the dissolution of copper workers.
                Designer, 2DMale or female and more than familiar with mold structure, familiar AutoCAD, understand UG, PRO / E basic operations.
                EDM operatorMale or female and more than two years work experience, EDM processing map can read familiar Taiwan spark machine operation.
                Mold fill teacherMore than men, more than two years work experience, spare parts can read maps and mold machining, mold room familiar with the machine operator.
                Master moldMore than men, more than five years work experience, know to see the mold structure, able to complete mold making.

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