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                Welcome to Shenzhen Ming Carpenter Mould Plastic Co., Ltd. official website! Chinese| English| Collection
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                      Shenzhen Ming Carpenter Mold Plastic Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned company which specializes in designing , developing ,manufacturing precision plastic mould and injection molded products and secondary operation, such as painting, electroplating, printing, laser engraving, and fixture. According to customer request, we add frock clamp, precision processing of various non-standard hardware and machinery accessories.  
                      We are located in ShajingTown, BaoAn District, Shenzhen, where is beside the State Highway 107, at a convenient location (10 minutes distance from Shenzhen International Airport and Fuyong dock.) Our company has a complete set of advanced facilities and CNC machines ,and experienced technicians team to meet our customers high standard requirement.

                Shenzhen Ming Carpenter Mould Plastic Co., Ltd. ? all rights reserved 粤ICP备11103052号
                Add:FuWei Industrial Park,NanDuan, DongHuan Road,ShaJing Town,BaoAn District,ShenZhen City,GuangDong Province.
                Tel:86-755-29889096 Fax:86-755-27251863
                E-mail:szmj_zhang168@126.com michael-zhang@szmjmould.com